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How we provide value

Not only do we provide a comprehensive range of Internet Service solutions, but in addition we can support your business through ad-hock consulting, assuming partial or total responsibility of your IT and communication needs. We achieve a comprehensive service offering with a range of a range of online and local site technology solutions.

We recognise that your requirements will not necessarily be limited to standard packages, understand there is no such thing as an 'off-the-shelf solution' and the ethos of 'one-size fits all' is not one in which we believe. Our approach is a personal consultative one and we have developed a range of complementary business and technical analysis tools to enable us to understand and support your enterprise into the future.


IT Solutions    


Our Options

  • Server Deployment

  • Workstation Packages

  • Firewall and Content Control

  • Hardware Supply

  • Software Supply


   Online Solutions    



  Internet & Cloud Services

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Solution Support    


Support Options

  • On-site or On-demand personnel

  • Telephone support for your enterprise

  • On-line, live remote desktop and server support

  • Email support

  • Any combination of your choice




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