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We have extensive experience delivering Cloud and Site Based IT solutions. Our previous projects range from Office IT, Internet Solutions through to enterprise security design and delivery. Our provision can include any combination of cloud, on-site and design service thereby offering you the choice of how much or little we deliver to you.

Below are a few more recent major projects which we have been a significant part of.

Tottenham HostspurNew Stadium Systems

Our team supported the design and delivery of the new Spurs stadium Security Systems in White Hart Lane. The systems we delivered covered everything including internal areas, ancillary buildings, the main stand, vehicle and pedestrian plus roadway entrances.

For this high profile project, we jointly designed and delivered the stadium security systems on behalf of a top tier security system provider. Integration into existing IT infrastructure and application training was provided via our team to ensure smooth day to day security management of the stadium complex.

London Heathrow T2Security Systems

During the construction of the new terminal commencing 2012 and completing 2014, our team supported the design and delivery of the new terminal security systems.

Specifically our Simon Joy focused on the design and delivery of the Access Control Systems along with the integration into the existing security infrastructure whilst Nigel Young was responsible for the delivery of the CCTV elements totally over 1600 cameras and a new platform.

These security systems were delivered on schedule to specification and the security operators were trained on the use of these new CCTV platforms as part of the handover.

St PancrasStation Data Network

With a very limited time frame to bring the design together we came in to the project and provided interim consultancy for the design of the station data network and associated network management systems for the St Pancras upgrade and refurbishment.

During our assignment we analised the requirements, verified and updated the network design and made recommendations for the type and configuration of the management platform to ensure functionality and reliability and as such, our input was critical to the success of the programme.

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